The Flash And Green Arrow Return To Their Familiar Roles In New Crossover Photo


Right now, the next major Arrowverse crossover, “Elseworlds,” has so much going for it that it’s becoming a chore to even list all of the details.

In short, much of the appeal comes in the form of Ruby Rose’s debut as Batwoman, not to mention Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell trading places as the Flash and Green Arrow. If that weren’t enough, Tyler Hoechlin makes his long awaited return as Superman – and in a black costume, no less.

Today, though, we’ll focus on the idea of Barry Allen and Oliver Queen swapping costumes and superhero identities. Like I said earlier, “Elseworlds” is the title for this year’s event, so we’ll naturally be in for surprises that veer far away from the norm. Much like the comics for which the three-night special is named, viewers should expect for their beloved characters to be placed in drastically different situations.

Interestingly enough, Stephen Amell has now shared yet another photo taken from the set over on Twitter, this time showing him embracing co-star Grant Gustin. But what makes this one especially intriguing is how it reveals both men once again wearing their familiar costumes.

Because of this, I’m forced to wonder whether we’ll be venturing to an alternate universe as originally thought, or if the crossover takes place on Earth-1 and reality has been briefly altered by a seriously nefarious character. In fact, one might say this sounds like the work of Doctor Destiny, who’s assumed to be the villain of the piece.

Obviously, we can’t jump to many more conclusions at this point, but you have to admit stuff like this makes the waiting game so much more fun. Hopefully the network coughs up some actual details sooner rather than later, though I’m guaranteed to be glued to my set come showtime, regardless.

This fall’s Arrowverse crossover begins on Sunday, December 9 with The Flash, continues on Monday, December 10 with Arrow, and wraps up on Tuesday, December 11 with Supergirl.

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