Watch: The Flash Season 6 Finale Promo Truly Raises The Stakes

The Flash

The Flash is going into its season finale with very high stakes. Barry Allen has just realized that his beloved wife Iris wasn’t who she appeared to be, but rather a Mirror Universe duplicate. He’s now determined to find his real wife and will go to great lengths in order to do so. And we’ve got a hint of how that’s going to go down in this new promo for the season finale,”Success is Assured,” which teases that while “there might be nothing left of her,” Barry still has to try.

Season 6 of The Flash has faced a bumpy road to get to this point. The original plan was for it to stick to the traditional 22-episode arc, but the COVID-19 pandemic scuppered that. Showrunner Eric Wallace explained that they had to change their plans for the season as they were unable to finish filming the final three episodes. This means that episode 19 has been reworked into a season finale, with the story now ending quite differently from how they’d planned.

Wallace teased that this episode will conclude with “our heroes at their lowest point” and on a cliffhanger. Said cliffhanger would have been resolved in the original ending of the show, but I suppose we’re now going to have to wait until the seventh season to find out what happens.

Star Grant Gustin weighed on the disruption in an interview with ET, saying the following:

“Generally, we tend to finish the season with a little bit of, you know, we like that element [of surprise] to end the year and to keep everybody waiting during the hiatus time — but a lot more than usual is left unfinished. It’s not necessarily a reconciliation with a lot of things that were going on with Team Flash, and Barry and Iris’ separation and the mirror-verse — so yeah, there’s a lot that is left unfinished.

As we saw in the last episode, Barry had started to catch on in 617 and he finally was having this epiphany that he hadn’t been living with his wife, and something was going on. He shares his concerns with Cecile and the team starts to catch on to what’s been happening and that maybe Iris is somewhere else. We’ll see that start to develop a little bit more in 618 and things will definitely still come to a head in 619, but it doesn’t get resolved as much as we’d probably like it to.”

We’ll find out for certain what happens on May 12th, when The Flash “Success is Assured” airs at 8pm ET/PT on The CW.

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