Former ‘Doctor Who’ star predicts what we can expect from Ncuti Gatwa’s Time Lord

Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor in 'Doctor Who'
Image via BBC

With David Tennant currently occupying the TARDIS for a brief second stint, it’s too early to ascertain much about how Ncuti Gatwa will portray the Doctor once he assumes the lead of Doctor Who after Tennant’s trio of specials air in 2023 to mark the immortal sci-fi series’ 60th anniversary. Still, at least one former Time Lord has offered their educated thoughts on what Gatwa will bring to the part.

While speaking to BBC’s The Edit at the premiere of his new Amazon Prime Video thriller show The Devil’s Hour, Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi was asked about what he thinks of the incoming Fifteenth. Unsurprisingly, Capaldi—who starred in Doctor Who from 2013-2017—is happy to welcome another Scot into the Doctor club, following himself, Sylvester McCoy, and Tennant. As he put it:

“I think that’s fantastic. I think it’s a brilliant choice. He’s absolutely amazing. The fact that he’s Scottish and Rwandan, you know, that’s a brilliant combination.”

As for what he predicts Gatwa will do with the multi-faceted role, Capaldi has total faith that the Sex Education alum will make the character his own:

“Oh, energy and humour and wit – and fun, you know, as well as depth. You know, Doctor Who is a great part. You can’t lose with it. It’s a joy to play. And I think he’ll just really grab it with both hands and get on with it.”

While Capaldi might be gushing with praise over Gatwa, don’t expect to see these two Doctors join forces on screen as the Paddington actor has made it abundantly clear that he has no interest in returning to the series. Despite being a lifelong Doctor Who fan, Capaldi recently admitted that he doesn’t see the point in “digging up” his old role and would prefer to leave his tenure in the TARDIS as it is.

If the glut of former Doctors who just appeared in Jodie Whittaker’s finale is anything to go by, he’s clearly in the minority in this opinion. Doctor Who returns, after a hefty hiatus, in November 2023.