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Former ‘Love Island: USA’ contestants Anna Kurdys and Jasmine Sklavanitis dish about which islanders caught their attention after leaving the villa

These two 'Love Island: USA' beauties have their eyes set on two of this season's Casa Amor bombshells.

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Despite Anna Kurdys self-eliminating and Jasmine Sklavanitis being the first islander dumped from the villa, these beauties found something even more valuable than a man during their time on season 5 of Love Island: USA: a best friendship like no other.

Since departing from Fiji, this legendary duo has been inseparable, even traveling to San Juan, Puerto Rico together just last week. According to their TikTok accounts, it looks like Anna and Jasmine are making memories together that will last a lifetime, from hiking to soaking up the sun to trying new restaurants and beyond.

After self-eliminating, Anna shared what her and Jasmine’s relationship truly means to her in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“It means so much to me. I didn’t find love, but I found love in friendships. Jasmine and I are already booking a trip within the next two weeks. I can’t wait to hang out with everybody. That’s my main takeaway. I wish I found love, but I’m so honored to have such amazing friends now… I’m going to travel the world with Jasmine. I’m graduating in December, but for right now, I’m gonna hang out with her.”

In an exclusive interview with TV Insider upon her exit, Jasmine gushed about the duo’s one-of-a-kind bond as well:

“I would say [one memory I will take from this experience is] Anna and I getting close. Ultimately, we formed a sisterhood. There were just certain moments we shared together that were extremely emotional for both of us. I feel like I gained a best friend from this experience.”

In a recent post on Anna’s Instagram profile, which has amassed over 66k followers, she captioned a photo of her and Jasmine eating ice cream, “dear @loveislandusa, thank you for giving me my ride or die. I will eat ice cream with you till the end of time 🍦🍨” — how cute is that?

While the duo seems to be living their best lives as single women, they have not given up on love just yet…

Earlier this week, both Anna and Jasmine took to TikTok to share which Casa Amor bombshells caught their eye on season 5 of Love Island: USA — keep scrolling to find out who!

Which islanders caught Anna Kurdys and Jasmine Sklavanitis’ attention after leaving the villa?

On Anna’s TikTok profile, the 23-year-old posted a video with the intent of garnering the attention of Rob Rausch, even tagging him in the caption of her post.

In case you forgot about this sweet country boy, Rob entered the villa alongside 12 other islanders, ready to use his sense of humor to make a connection during the infamous Casa Amor week. After exploring a relationship with both Kassy Castillo and Imani Wheeler, Rob locked his eyes on Carmen Kocourek, making it his sole mission to have her fall in love with him prior to the re-coupling ceremony.

Unfortunately, due to Carmen’s strong bond with Kenzo Nudo back at the villa, Rob’s mission was unsuccessful, and he was sent home as soon as Casa Amor week came to a close.

It is assumed that Rob is still a single man, and many of Anna’s followers were seen shipping the duo in the comment section of her TikTok video:

“omg I was thinking this when he showed up!! I hope y’all connect,” @celinediondre wrote.

“I said the whole time Rob was made for Anna,” @sammantha_williams99 wrote.

“I need you guys to hang out immediately,” @gabbyetay wrote.

“You guys would’ve been perfect for each other,” @beccaxjade wrote.

Lucky for the two best friends, Anna was not the only one who had a Casa Amor bombshell catch her eye…

While Anna has her eyes set on Rob Rausch, Jasmine has her eyes set on the super hunky Isiah ‘Zay’ Harayda (who was dumped from the villa just last night), posting a video on her TikTok profile as well.

For those who are unfamiliar, Zay made it back into the villa after Casa Amor week due to his strong connection with Destiny Davis (especially after spending a night in The Hideaway together). While it seemed to be smooth sailing, things went awry after the re-coupling, when Destiny wanted to continue to pursue her relationship with Mike Stark back at the villa.

After his relationship with Destiny came to a close (ending on some not-so good terms), Zay tried to explore a relationship with Imani. Unfortunately, they were deemed the least compatible couple during last night’s episode of Love Island: USA, ultimately causing the duo to be dumped from the villa.

While he was leaving, the 23-year-old shared some kind words that hinted at a potential future with Imani, however, the door might still be open for Jasmine:

“It was unfortunate that we had to end this way, but I’m happy I met her. I’m happy we are where we are right now.”

Just like what we saw on Anna’s post, Jasmine’s comment section was filled with Love Island: USA viewers shipping the two couples, respectively:

“as you should! Jasmine def deserves Zay and he deserves her💜💜,” @itscaliii200 wrote.

“Zay outta the villa now go get himmmm,” @aamywinn wrote.

To make things even more exciting, Rob even made an appearance in Jasmine’s comment section, suggesting that the girls “drop the pin” of where they are at in an attempt to link up. Perhaps there is a connection blossoming via TikTok…

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