Gina Carano Reportedly Asked Pedro Pascal To Talk To Disney After Her Firing

Gina Carano

In early February, Lucasfilm unceremoniously dropped Gina Carano from the Star Wars universe after her divisive social media activity caused one controversy too many. The very day that The Mandalorian actress shared a tone-deaf post relating to the Holocaust, the studio announced her firing, blasting her online behavior as “abhorrent and unacceptable.” It all happened with surprising speed, then, and you’d imagine that Carano attempted to fight back in some regard.

In fact, according to a new bit of intel on the situation, which comes from tipster Daniel Richtman, the former MMA star asked Mandalorian leading man Pedro Pascal to talk to Disney for her in an effort to make them reverse their decision. It’s currently unclear if Pascal did as she requested, but it seems unlikely, as Richtman notes that nothing came of it. This follows on from a previous rumor he shared, pointing to Pascal reaching out to Carano prior to her firing and suggesting she tone down her online activity for her own good, which is advice she obviously ignored.

This might paint a picture of the two co-stars falling out over all this, then, especially given their extremely divergent political views. However, that really doesn’t seem to be the case. In an interview following her firing, Carano maintained that she has no ill will towards Pascal, describing him as a “sweetheart.” Meanwhile, Pascal has frequently posted support for the Cara Dune actress, though not since Lucasfilm let her go.

While Carano’s career in mainstream Hollywood appears to be over, at least for the while, Pascal is getting more popular and successful all the time. In fact, Lucasfilm is reportedly worried about losing him, given his role in HBO’s hotly anticipated The Last of Us TV series, and is preparing to hand him a fat pay raise to keep him happy.

The Gina Carano-less third season of The Mandalorian is expected to head into production this April ahead of its arrival on Disney Plus in early 2022.