Pedro Pascal Reportedly Tried To Get Gina Carano To Change Her Ways Before Firing

Pedro Pascal

Last week was the final straw for Lucasfilm when it came to the ongoing online controversy surrounding Gina Carano, as the Mandalorian star’s latest offensive posts were blasted by the studio as “abhorrent and unacceptable” in a statement confirming they had cut ties with the actress with immediate effect. The situation has been growing for months now, with Carano clearly given every opportunity to tone down her social media activity but refusing to. And it seems that her former co-star Pedro Pascal was among those who attempted to make her see reason.

Insider Daniel Richtman has shared on his Patreon page that The Mandalorian star was in contact with Carano prior to her firing and “tried really hard” to get her to “change her ways” so that she’d be able to keep her job. According to Richtman, though, “she didn’t wanna listen.”

Though just a rumor at this stage, this sort of behavior would definitely line up with what we know about Pascal, who’s conversely beloved online for his good-natured personality. Though the two actors’ politics are diametrically opposed – Carano has come under fire for mocking trans people, while Pascal is hugely supportive of his trans sister – the Din Djarin star appeared to remain loyal to his friend during all this, praising her in a couple of Instagram posts. It makes sense that he would try and help her save her job, then, and he must’ve enjoyed working with her.

Pascal was initially able to get through to Carano, as she listened to him about removing her aforementioned anti-trans joke last year, but she’s gotten more zealous with sharing her opinions on social media over time and isn’t about to button up now, despite the impact that it’s had on her career and public image. Carano’s agents also dropped her following her Star Wars firing, though she’s since partnered up with right wing website Daily Wire to make a movie for them.

While Gina Carano won’t be part of it any longer, Pedro Pascal will return in The Mandalorian season 3, which starts shooting in April.