#GinaGoneWild Trends As Gina Carano Makes Her TV Return

Gina Carano

After Lucasfilm dumped her from the Star Wars franchise in February, Gina Carano hit back against the studio on social media, stating that she wouldn’t let herself be cancelled. Less than three months later, the actress has now made a big TV comeback, with her episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls airing on the Disney-owned National Geographic network. The installment went down well on Twitter, too, with the star becoming one of the top trends on the site – for all the right reasons for once.

#GinaGoneWild was a hashtag launched by Carano’s supporters as her Bear Grylls outing was broadcast on Monday and it seems it was one of the night’s top tends. Recorded back in 2020, the documentary features the Mandalorian star enduring the wilderness in the Dolomite Mountains of Italy and though there was obviously a bit of hate, folks mostly praised Carano for her upbeat attitude and eagerness to face her fears, as you can see below.

It once looked like Disney had quietly canned this episode, as Carano’s appearance wasn’t initially listed along with the rest of season 6. However, a couple of weeks ago, the actress herself announced online that it was set to air after all, praising Grylls for his support. The survival expert then shared her tweet and gushed about Carano’s “powerful” story. This heavily suggested that Grylls had hit back against the studio and got them to change their minds.

It’s possible, though, that Disney’s attitude about the ex-MMA star is also beginning to thaw. In a surprising move, Carano has been named alongside many of her old cast mates on a For Your Consideration Emmy campaign poster for The Mandalorian season 2, with the Cara Dune performer pitched for a Best Supporting Actress nom. Her fans may be wondering if the tide is starting to turn for Gina Carano, then, and while these are certainly big wins, we’ll just have to see how things develop from here.