Gotham Producer Teases More Of Bruce And Selina’s Relationship In Season 5


Gotham is coming to an end next year with its fifth and final season and the reduced run of the Batman prequel, expected to consist of ten episodes, will surely have its work cut out in tying up all the loose ends of the show and putting everyone in the right places. One of the many things that has to be realigned is the teenage romance between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, who we all know will go on to operate on opposite sides of the law as Batman and Catwoman, respectively.

Speaking of which, Gotham writer and producer Tze Chun has teased on Twitter that we’ll be seeing more of the duo’s complicated relationship next year. In response to a featurette which recapped Bruce and Selina’s journey over the past four seasons of the FOX show (above), Chun teased fans about what’s to come by asking his followers: “Who wants more #batcat in @Gotham season 5?”

As with many things, Gotham has completely reinterpreted usual Batman continuity in terms of Bruce and Selina’s relationship. The pair have known each other since the early days of season 1, which reimagined the future vigilantes as being teenaged friends whose romantic feelings for each other quickly grew over time.

Of course, apart from his relationship with Selina, season 5 will also see Bruce make his final steps towards donning the legendary cape and cowl and become the hero that Gotham needs right now. Other producers of the series have been keen to promise that the last run will take him all the way towards becoming Batman, but whether he’ll actually don the full costume or not on screen, we’ll have to wait and see.

Evidence has suggested that Gotham might go the Smallville route though and end just as Bruce begins to put on the suit, but at the moment, that remains far from confirmed. Either way, all our questions will finally be answered when the show returns next year.