Gotham Season 5 Image Teases The Arrival Of Batman


Gotham is set to end with its fifth and final season and you know that means – Batman’s coming to town. The prequel series couldn’t end without giving us what we’ve been waiting for – well, unless it wants to irritate fans (looking at you, Smallville) – and thankfully, it’s been confirmed that the Dark Knight is arriving in the series finale.

While we haven’t got a proper look at him just yet, this new promo image seen below teases Bruce Wayne suiting up. Gotham writer Tze Chun recently tweeted two photos, with the first being of the moment Bruce’s parents were killed in Crime Alley in the show’s pilot episode and the second a brand new pic featuring David Mazouz in a dark leather outfit that could just be some sort of proto-Batman armor. “Bruce Wayne in our pilot episode vs our final season of Gotham,” Chun wrote, before asking fans to “get ready” followed by a bunch of bat emojis. If you ask us, it seems safe to say that the Caped Crusader is on his way.

We know that Gotham‘s finale will jump forward ten years, thereby showing us the city and all its citizens in their usual places in the Batman mythology. So, Jim Gordon will likely have his mustache, Penguin and Riddler will look like the classic comic book characters and Bruce will no doubt be depicted standing on a rooftop dressed in a cape and a cowl with distinctive pointy ears.

Before we get to that moment, though, the 12-part season 5 will explore Gotham as a No Man’s Land, quarantined from the rest of the country and carved up between the various villains. Meanwhile, Bane will be introduced and Cameron Monaghan’s Jeremiah will get ever closer to becoming the Joker.

Be sure to sure to catch the end of Gotham when it returns to FOX on January 3rd.