Grant Gustin’s Angry About Leaked Photos Of Flash’s New Costume


Earlier today, leaked photos arrived online which revealed the all-new costume that Grant Gustin will be wearing in The Flash season 5. The actor had already hinted that he was getting some new threads made of more comfortable material in the next run and these images promised a very different suit to come, complete with a look that’s a little bit closer to the comics.

Someone who’s not happy about the leak, though, is Gustin himself. The actor took to Instagram to add some context to the photos and also hit back at those criticizing the new suit – in particular, those lambasting him for not being the right physique to play the Scarlet Speedster, something the star’s had to deal with from a subset of fans for years.

Gustin makes a very good point here about people needing to wait to see the full thing before making their minds up about the new suit. The look we’ve got at it so far is just a piece of concept art and a quick test photo that was clearly taken earlier on in the process. Something as important as Barry Allen’s signature outfit will be the product of a lot of work from the costume designers before they come up with the perfect version.

As for the personal attacks on his appearance, we’re thankfully living in an age where an increasing variety of actors are getting to play superheroes, so you’d think fans would be able to accept someone of slim build as the Flash. The fact that Gustin’s made the role his own over the past four years just proves how good a fit he is for the character, too. And no doubt he’ll impress again – in his new costume – when The Flash season 5 arrives this October.