Leaked Images May Have Revealed The Flash’s New Costume


If you’ve been keeping up with news pertaining to The Flash over the summer, then you’ve probably read about how the Scarlet Speedster may very well don yet another costume at some point during season 5. In fact, word had also gotten out regarding how he’ll again rock the O.G. suit near the start, but we expect for an upgrade to follow shortly thereafter.

Once again illustrating how difficult secrets can be to keep in today’s digital age, a couple photos recently began circulating on social media that strongly hint at how Barry Allen’s new threads may appear. As is always the case with stuff like this, we advise you take it with a gran of salt, but we can’t rule out either exhibit being the genuine article.

In the accompanying gallery, you’ll first find what appears to be a piece of concept art flanking an image of the Flash taken from a comic book in order to show how the costuming department may be adhering more to the source material going forward. Brought to us by Real World of Flash on Instagram, the post was later updated to let us know that “his neck doesn’t show. It’s under his chin that does.” Keep that in mind as we continue our examination.

Next up in the slideshow is a photo provided by The Nerd Corner UK on Instagram, which shows lead actor Grant Gustin testing out a prototype suit – and we do stress the word “prototype.” Having said that, we don’t want to hear any complaints about the material being used because improvements will no doubt be made; this is just a practice run, if you will.

As you can see, Gustin’s chin is exposed just as the first post hinted, so that’s a big reason why we think this stuff has actual weight to it. Plus, the man himself once hinted that the jacket-pants combo that made up his previous costumes will be gone soon enough, thus one could say the stars are aligning a little too well.

With or without a new suit, The Flash returns for its fifth season on Tuesday, October 9 on The CW.