Green Lantern Show Reportedly Features Black Female Lantern In Lead Role


Warner Bros. will be hoping that the in-development Green Lantern series set to air exclusively on HBO Max will finally replace the infamous Ryan Reynolds box office bomb as the first point of reference when people think about the intergalactic law enforcers. The studio announced a big screen reboot six years ago that never made any sort of headway, but with their new streaming service focusing heavily on DC content to draw in subscribers, hopes will be high for the show.

The next iteration of Green Lantern isn’t entirely independent of the blockbuster that Reynolds has spent the better part of a decade mocking at every opportunity, though, with Geoff Johns producing along with Arrowverse creators Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, both of whom took a writing credit on Martin Campbell’s $200 million disaster.

To differentiate the HBO Max series as much as possible, however, Green Lantern is much more of an ensemble piece that will spread the focus among the various members of the Corps, with some major fan favorites already confirmed. That being said, the latest reports are indicating that the show is set to introduce a brand new character that doesn’t hail from the comic books at all but who will be one of the leads regardless, and her name is Bree Jarta.

Jarta is said to be a black female Lantern who has a human father and an alien mother, so she looks humanoid but was raised in outer space by an advanced civilization. She’s also set to be partnered up with the more maverick Guy Gardner in the upcoming small screen exclusive, and there will no doubt be plenty of friction generated by the two different personalities if Green Lantern ends up adopting the typical procedural approach, one that just happens to be set against an expansive sci-fi backdrop.