HBO Max Sends Out Casting Call For Black British John Constantine

Image via CW

HBO Max and Bad Robot are currently working on a new Constantine show, to be written by crime novelist Guy Bolton. This will join Zatanna and Madame X (and other unannounced DC shows) and lead to a big Justice League Dark crossover. So far we haven’t heard many details, but a big indication of where they’re heading has come in a casting call for the lead role.

For supernatural specialist/magician John Constantine, they’re looking for a Black British actor who can play ages 25-29. This means it’s going to be a departure from the familiar blond-haired white character we’ve seen in comics and in Matt Ryan’s performance on the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow.

We’re also getting another new version of Constantine very soon on Netflix’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman. This will adapt the first collected edition of the comic showing lead character Morpheus recovering his objects of power after a long period of imprisonment. Constantine helps him out, and Netflix’s take will see Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman stepping into the trenchcoat as Johanna rather than John.

These fun twists on the character are welcome, and fan speculation has already begun on who’ll be the HBO Max Constantine. The current favorite is Star Wars‘ John Boyega, who most agree would bring the right combination of attitude and wit needed to bring him to life.

Word has it this new Constantine will be horror-focused, with rumors that it’ll also function as an origin story for the character. Let’s hope we hear more soon about which up-and-coming actor will score the role.