How tall are Tom Hopper, Elliot Page, and the rest of the ‘Umbrella Academy’ cast?

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As most of the world continues to endure living in the absolute worst timeline, viewers are finding an escape in the weird, wild timeline(s) presented by Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy

The wacky series follows a set of emotionally damaged siblings, all of whom wield a range of unique and powerful super abilities. Each character is expressly unique, a fact that is driven home through their powers and personalities as well as their looks. The stellar cast behind these beloved characters has done an incredible job, encompassing each facet of their characters with unyielding gusto.

Even the characters’ looks are carefully crafted. Everything from their tone and presentation to their hairstyles, fashion choices, and even their heights tie into how the characters come across on screen ⏤ and their heights are certainly wide-ranging. Images and scenes featuring the entire set of siblings drive home how different all of these actors are, with most of them boasting starkly different vertical measurements.

How tall is the Umbrella Academy cast?

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Tom Hopper — Luther Hargreeves

The Umbrella Academy
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Umbrella Academy’s Number One is also the tallest of his many siblings, a fact that is constantly driven home in the series. Luther’s massive size is a huge part of his character — and his self-image issues — and is made possible by the towering actor who plays him, Tom Hopper.

Hopper stands a full 6 foot 5 inches tall, according to Celeb Heights. He towers above his co-stars without any help at all, but the show’s emphasis on Luther’s size likely means that he appears even taller when in character. At base value, he’s already 5 inches taller than any of his fellow Umbrella Academy members — with Castañeda and Sheehan coming the closest at 6 feet — but no one really comes close to Hopper’s natural height. Add in some creative filming and perhaps a set of lifts in his shoes, and the series manages to make him tower over every other character he meets.

David Castañeda — Diego Hargreeves

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All of the Umbrella Academy characters are the exact same age, but they are far from the same height. David Castañeda’s Diego manages to fall in the average range among his siblings, a fact that — like Luther’s impressive size — falls in line with his character. Diego often feels average and unspectacular, an issue that often presents itself through his self-confidence issues.

Despite Diego’s fears of being “average,” Castañeda actually stands a bit above average for the typical adult male. The average height for adult-aged men is around 5’9’’, according to a 2018 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Castañeda clocks in a good few inches above this. He’s approximately 6 feet tall, according to Celeb Heights, a sturdy and impressive size that somehow still pales in comparison to the towering Hopper. Thwarted by Number One once again!

Emmy Raver-Lampman — Allison Hargreeves

Aidan Gallagher as Number Five, Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison Hargreeves, Elliot Page as Viktor Hargreeves
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The only female member of the Umbrella Academy cast is also one of the smallest — which is really saying something. She’s by no means short, but it turns out that the majority of the Netflix series’ cast is pretty damn tall. Emmy Raver-Lampman comes in strong as the main cast’s third-shortest character, surpassing both Five and Viktor with her solid 5-foot-8-inch height. 

That’s according to Celeb Heights, and the claim stands up pretty well when examining the actress alongside her co-stars. Raver-Lampman’s Allison is the only character — apart from Klaus, we assume — to wear heels, which often makes her appear taller than she is, but she generally falls right in the middle of her siblings. This lines up with her character’s number — Number Three — but not so much with her personality, which often sees Allison taking charge and demanding far more from life than her perpetually damaged siblings.

Robert Sheehan — Klaus Hargreeves

The Umbrella Academy

At first glance, it can be rather difficult to tell how tall Robert Sheehan’s Klaus is. The character practically serves as a definition for the word “lanky,” and his costumes only serve to highlight that fact. He often appears on screen in eccentric outfits, chest — and sometimes more — bared for the world to see, with distracting colors and patterns constantly shifting focus Klaus’ way. He’s also been known to wear shoes with a solid amount of lift, a fact that aids in perpetuating his lanky appeal even more.

In reality, Sheehan actually boasts the exact same height as his on-screen sibling Diego. Both he and Castañeda stand at approximately 6 feet tall, according to Celeb Heights. He reportedly shot up in his latter high school years, inching close to the 6-foot mark by the time he hit what Americans would call his senior year.

Aidan Gallagher — Number Five

David Castañeda as Diego Hargreeves, Robert Sheehan as Klaus Hargreeves, Aidan Gallagher as Number Five in episode 301
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He’s still smaller than most of the Umbrella Academy crew, but the youngest member of the cast is quick catching up. The fresh-faced Aidan Gallagher plays Umbrella Academy’s Number Five, a man in his ’50s who, thanks to some botched time travel, ended up permanently situated in his own pre-pubescent body ⏤ or currently pubescent, by the time season three rolls around. His actor is a good few years older than the character himself — 18 at the time of this writing — but manages to flawlessly marry his carefully crafted youthful appearance with his character’s crotchety personality.

Gallagher is one of the smallest members of the Umbrella Academy cast, standing approximately 5 feet and 5 inches tall, according to Celeb Heights. His somewhat compact size suits his youthful character perfectly, as it helps drive home the age difference between he and his much younger — but seemingly much older — adopted siblings. 

Justin H. Min — Ben Hargreeves

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Justin H. Min is both slightly taller than you might have thought and also way more shredded, as displayed in several thirsty scenes from season three. Seriously, his abs are one of the focal points of Umbrella Academy’s third go-around, and we are very much here for it (them?). According to Celeb Heights, H. Min is around 5’8’’, but claims to be 5’11’’ on his IMDb page. We’re trusting H. Min on this one, even if that 5’11’’ is a touch embellished.

Before season three, Ben’s height was seldom a focus — largely because the character rarely appeared in scenes with anyone other than Klaus. It was hard to see where he fell among his siblings at the Umbrella Academy, but among the Sparrows he appears to be expressly average. His average height falls in perfectly with the new Ben’s personality, which sees the Sparrow’s Number Two constantly vying for more control and power over his siblings.

Elliot Page — Viktor Hargreeves

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In scenes between he and his siblings, Elliot Page’s Viktor Hargreeves appears to be literally three inches tall. I could scoop the whole man up and tuck him into my criminally tiny, girl-sized jean pocket. Particularly when shown next to behemoths like Luther, Viktor is shown to be utterly miniscule. This honestly suits his character perfectly, as Viktor has always been a rather diminutive person — in personality as well as presence. Viktor’s devastatingly powerful abilities also pair well with his unassuming stature, allowing the pint-sized character to persist as a secret weapon of sorts for his siblings.

It all blends flawlessly with Elliot Page’s height, which reportedly clocks in at just over five feet. I’m honestly surprised to report this, as I was convinced that he was under five feet tall, but Page is actually right around 5’1”, according to Celeb Heights. An old interview from Page seems to confirm this, back when he was first cast as Kitty Pryde in the X-Men franchise. He noted, at the time, that “playing Kitty Pryde was awesome because I’m five foot one and I got to be a superhero and portray this young, very intelligent woman, and that’s kind of cool.”