Is ‘Rick and Morty’ season 6 on HBO Max?

Image via Adult Swim

If it is indeed true that there is no such thing as bad publicity, and Rick and Morty may just receive new life in the aftermath of co-creator Justin Roiland’s downfall.

Adult Swim announced Tuesday that Rick and Morty will continue without Justin Roiland — who also voices the titular characters — following the criminal charges filed against him and the consequent public exposure of all his past alleged transgressions. While there is no official word on whether the animated series will go on beyond the upcoming seventh season, or indeed when that will come out, those curious to check the show out might have some catching up to do.

Fans who used to watch Rick and Morty but dropped it for a number of different reasons could be thinking about picking it back up now that it is all over the news and in the front of their minds. Others who’ve never even watched it might have a renewed interest for the show, just to be in on the conversation. Most of all, there is a general curiosity to see just what Adult Swim and Cartoon Network do with the show going forward, without one of its leading creatives calling the shots.

Season six, the last season of Rick and Morty to air, is available to watch on HBO Max, as are all of the show’s other previous seasons. The ten-episode-long season premiered Sept. 4, 2022 and was well received. It ended with a pretty significant cliffhanger, which we will leave unspoiled here for those just watching the show for the first time.

Neither HBO Max nor Hulu — where the show is also available — have expressed any intentions of removing its seasons from their catalog, and with Roiland’s swift dismissal we don’t see that changing in the future. Additionally, the upcoming seventh season will count toward the 70-episode order from Adult Swim made in 2018, prior to season four. With season four, five, and six’s thirty episodes, there are 40 left in the deal between the network and the producers of the show.

Season seven will need to be deeply reworked now that Roiland won’t be attached, but is still expected to come out some time in 2023, and will likely be available to stream on HBO Max when it does.