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Is ‘The Walking Dead’ season 12 going to happen?

Never say never.

Maggie and Negan explore the forest in The Walking Dead
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Amongst a sea of widely popular television series, it’s certainly worth noting that The Walking Dead is arguably the cream of the crop, with the show airing for 11 strong seasons over on AMC. Upon its initial release back in 2010, the zombie apocalyptic extravaganza has incorporated an array of storylines, characters, jaw-dropping moments, and unfathomable deaths. Still, over the years, TWD has suffered significantly in ratings, with a large portion of the audience dropping off after the mind-boggling premiere episode of season 7.

Nevertheless, the show has maintained a cult following over the years, with many viewers feeling saddened now that the series finale has aired and concluded the narrative. With that being said, there’s plenty of speculation surrounding the possibility of a season 12 happening — which has effectively kept fans on their toes and alert for future updates.

Is season 12 going to happen?

The Walking Dead Season 11
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At the time of this writing, comic book writer Robert Kirkman, showrunner Angela Kang, or any other TWD star have yet to confirm that season 12 is actually going to happen. So, in simpler terms, the answer would be a hard no, as per Dexerto. However, adhering to the “never say never” phrase, there’s always a possibility that season 12 of The Walking Dead could happen at some point in the future. After all, if shows like Frasier and Will & Grace can mount comebacks, then surely TWD could follow the same path.

On a positive note, several spin-offs of The Walking Dead are expected to release in 2023 — with many of these projects focusing on notable main characters, including Negan, Maggie, and Daryl. And who knows, perhaps the success of these separate series will prompt TWD creators and writers to bring back the original show for a season 12 return.

For now, devoted fans have the opportunity to take a stroll down memory lane and enjoy all seasons of The Walking Dead now on AMC Plus.

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