James Gunn reveals his favorite ‘Peacemaker’ episode

The Wildest Episode of Peacemaker is Yet to come.
Image via HBO

James Gunn has revealed his favorite episode of Peacemaker — and it’s not the finale.

One of the great things about the recent HBO Max hit is that it never dragged on. With its first three instalments arriving at once and the next five dropping weekly, audiences never got bored of the show which delivered a constant barrage of wild humor and superhero action from start to finish. Nevertheless, after this week’s internet-breaking final episode, many fans would probably agree that rhis was the Peacemaker‘s finest hour.

Its creator thinks differently though. In response to a fan on Twitter who asked the writer/director which of the show’s eight chapters was the one he was most proud of, Gunn has confirmed that his personal favorite episode is the sixth.

“As a single piece I probably like Episode 6 the best – it’s the most nuanced & Vij is at his best & the action stuff in the trees was the most difficult to direct,” Gunn stated. “But I love the big moments in Episode 8 a lot & how it ties everything together. I love the hug in 7.”

In the run-up to its release, Gunn and the cast hyped up episode six as a particularly special one. Sure enough, fans loved it. As well as heightening the stakes of the story, it also found time for some touching character moments, like Peacemaker revealing his surprising talent for the piano. Similarly, episode seven’s hug with Eagly was another tear-jerking scene.

But any of the episodes are a valid choice for favorite as Gunn’s scripts were uniformly strong across the board. Not to mention that John Cena and the rest of the cast brought their A-game across the board too. Let’s hope the same kind of quality can be achieved for Peacemaker season two, which was officially announced to have been greenlit earlier this week. Although how it’s going to top those mind-blowing cameos in the finale, we have no idea!