John Stewart And Jessica Cruz May Lead Green Lantern TV Show

Green Lantern

At the end of last month, we learned that Warner Bros. is developing a Green Lantern TV series set to drop on HBO Max. Not much has been officially revealed about it as yet, but we know that Arrowverse architect Greg Berlanti will produce and it’s being described as the biggest DC TV production we’ve ever seen, with a huge budget attached.

But given the extensive nature of the Green Lantern mythology in the comics, what stories will it tackle and, most importantly, which Lanterns will serve as the protagonists of the series? Well, We Got This Covered may have discovered the answer. Sources close to the site – the same ones who told us about the show before it was officially revealed – are saying that John Stewart and Jessica Cruz could end up being the co-leads.

We’ve been told that WB’s still deciding exactly which characters to go with, which is why story details weren’t revealed along with the announcement. But as of right now, the studio’s reportedly set on having Stewart and Cruz head up the Green Lantern TV project.

This would make sense, too, as the African-American Stewart is arguably the second most famous Lantern after Hal Jordan, with the hero previously featuring prominently in the beloved Justice League animated series. The Mexican-American Cruz, meanwhile, was only created in 2014, but has already become a popular character.

Previous intel has also said that the series will star a person, or people, of color. I suggested at the time that this pointed to Stewart, Cruz or Baz as contenders and now, it looks like that’s the case. The fact that WB look to be going with a buddy-cop type dynamic hints that the show might be pulling on some ideas planned for Green Lantern Corps, too, which we’ve heard would have Jordan and Stewart as leads. That said, Corps is said to still be in development, even despite the TV series.

Of course, it’s still early days and things can always change, but for now, it sounds like we can look forward to seeing Stewart and Cruz take the lead of this in-development Green Lantern show.