Titans Season 2 BTS Photo Reveals First Look At Superboy


Titans season 1 ended with a tease of a new young hero joining the crew in the DC Universe show’s sophomore run. Namely, Superboy, glimpsed escaping from Cadmus with super-dog Krypto in tow. Back in February, Joshua Orpin was cast as the Boy of Steel, but it’s taken until now for us to get our first look at the actor in character.

A set photo – seen below – is circulating online which shows Orpin in costume posing with someone. Fans will instantly note that Conner Kent seems to be wearing a very accurate version of his comic book costume. To be fair, this was pretty much a given seeing as the character’s look is so easy to replicate – just a black tee with a red “S” emblem on it and a pair of jeans – but it’s good to have it confirmed regardless.

See for yourself below:

Kon-El was previously played in live-action by Lucas Grabeel in several episodes of Smallville‘s tenth season. However, most will measure Orpin’s portrayal against the one from the Young Justice animated series, in which Nolan North voices a beloved take on the character.

Despite appearances though, Superboy isn’t just a clone of Superman but has half-human DNA, too – DNA taken from Lex Luthor. Conner’s attempts to come to terms with his dark parentage is usually a big part of the hero, so it’s no surprise that Lex is expected to appear on Titans before long. In fact, We Got This Covered has heard that the supervillain could be the big bad of season 3.

Before we get to that, though, the Titans will have enough to be getting on with in season 2. Deathstroke will be the main threat this time around, with Esai Morales portraying the Terminator. Meanwhile, Iain Glen is also joining the cast as Bruce Wayne.

The new run of Titans is currently shooting before returning to DC Universe later this year. Stay tuned for more.

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