Joss Whedon Reportedly Not Involved In Firefly Reboot


In December of last year, a rumor spread like wildfire across the internet that Disney Plus was considering a reboot of Joss Whedon’s cult classic series Firefly, which was canceled after a single season in 2002, but has since gone on to enjoy long-lasting life as an undisputed cult favorite that boasts a loyal and dedicated following to this day.

Fans were not happy at the prospect, with supporters of the show maintaining that a new version of the same story would only serve to dilute and reduce the appeal of the original, which is regarded by many as arguably Whedon’s finest work despite just eleven of the fourteen episodes being aired before it was initially pulled from the airwaves.


Insider Daniel Richtman is now following up the previous report by claiming that the Firefly redux is still moving forward behind the scenes, albeit without Whedon’s involvement. While the tipster doesn’t expound any further on what the Mouse House’s reboot could potentially entail, the absence of its creator would hardly come as a shock.

After all, Whedon is essentially persona non grata in Hollywood these days following a string of serious accusations levelled towards his behavior and conduct dating back over 20 years to his time at the helm of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with numerous former collaborators coming forward after Justice League star Ray Fisher initially called him out. The Avengers director has never publicly commented on any of the allegations, and dropped out of his HBO Victorian fantasy The Nevers months before it premiered, so if Disney are indeed rebooting Firefly, then it stands to reason the family-friendly corporation would want to keep him as far away from the project as possible.