Katee Sackhoff Says She Doesn’t Know When Bo-Katan Will Return To Star Wars

Bo-Katan Kryze Mandalorian

Ashley Eckstein may have been replaced as Ahsoka Tano by Rosario Dawson to the dismay of some fans, but given her extensive experience in both the action and sci-fi genres, Katee Sackhoff made a seamless transition to live-action when she reprised her animated role as Bo-Katan in the second season of The Mandalorian.

The longtime favorite may have only flitted in and out of the eight episodes to deliver helpful exposition dumps to the intrepid title hero and get involved in several impressive set pieces, but the surface has barely been scratched in terms of exploring what makes the character tick. Sackhoff has admitted in the past that she’s more than open to the idea of a solo spinoff, but in a new interview, the actress also said that she doesn’t know when Bo-Katan will be returning to the small screen Star Wars universe.

“No, I have no idea when Bo-Katan is coming back. And the one thing that I do know is that one of the best and worst things that Dave Filoni ever did back in the day was give me his phone number. So one of the things I love to do with him is we just text about Bo in general. I’d love to know how it is she ended up where she’s at right now, because of where she started. And I love to talk to him about the missing pieces to where she is now. So I know all that stuff, but I have no idea what’s happening.”

Based on the season 2 finale, it would be more than safe to assume that Bo-Katan will be back for The Mandalorian‘s next batch of episodes. Having dedicated herself to retrieving the Darksaber from Moff Gideon, only to see it fall into the hands of Din Djarin instead, there’s clearly a major source of conflict there for Jon Favreau to exploit throughout the third run of the series.

Bo-Katan’s goal is to assume leadership of Mandalore to restore it to former glories, but that honor now rests in the hands of Mando, who doesn’t appear to have much interest in the job. The Darksaber can only change hands via combat, too, so all the pieces are in place for The Mandalorian to build towards a showdown between the tenuous allies when the show returns to our screens next year.