Katherine McNamara Promoted To Series Regular For Arrow Season 8

Arrow season 8

Now that cameras are about to begin rolling on Arrow‘s eighth and final season, it’s only natural that news begin flooding in. And to be quite honest, the topic for today’s discussion is something we’ve been expecting to report for some time.

When Joseph David-Jones found himself promoted to series regular over a month ago, fans understandably began asking if the same thing would happen to Katherine McNamara. As fate would have it, the Shadowhunters alum has likewise been upped to principal cast status for the upcoming season.

To briefly recap, McNamara’s character, Mia Smoak, was introduced during season 7’s flash forward segments. Being the daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, one would anticipate her going on to accomplish great things. In fact, it wouldn’t be insane to think the ground is being laid for that possible Blackstar spinoff we’ve been hearing about.

Beyond the news of the promotion itself, nothing else is being said. But if anything seems like a solid bet, it’s that Mia and Connor Hawke will don those new costumes being teased by the producers. Whether or not Mia also adopts the Black Canary moniker remains to be seen, but it looks like she’ll receive a slick new black suit, regardless.

Now that the heroes of 2040 are ready to move on to a different mission, my gut tells me that they’ll soon turn their attention to the Deathstroke gang that’s been mentioned. After all, John Diggle Jr. is their leader and the casting department is looking to fill that position.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 15th on The CW. Keep watching this space as more develops.