Keanu Reeves Reportedly Being Eyed For Moon Knight Now

Keanu Reeves

Moon Knight has the potential to be something pretty special. The upcoming Disney Plus show will focus on one of the more obscure and interesting Marvel characters, one who’s often said to be the company’s equivalent of Batman. Then again, while Moon Knight is a fairly grounded hero, there are also a number of supernatural aspects to his story, which make him stand out and give him a unique edge.

To date, there seemingly hasn’t been a whole lot of movement on the aforementioned series, but it certainly appears as if things are about to pick up steam as the casting process is now underway. Or at least, that’s according to The Illuminerdi, who’ve shared today that none other than Keanu Reeves is being eyed for the title role in the show.

Of course, we’d advise taking this with a grain of salt, as though the John Wick star has been linked to the part in the past, more recent reports have pointed to Marvel eyeing younger actors for the job. Not to mention that our own sources have told us that while Reeves is indeed talking to the studio, the top choice for who he might play right now is still Ghost Rider.

In any case, it definitely looks like the actor could be headed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and soon. But as far as Moon Knight goes, given that we’re still a while away from it even getting in front of cameras, Kevin Feige and co. have plenty of time to cast someone in the role. Be it Reeves or another actor entirely.

Tell us, though, who do you want to see play the hero when he makes his MCU debut? As always, let us know down below.