Kevin Smith Says Elizabeth Olsen Deserves An Emmy For This Week’s WandaVision

Elizabeth Olsen

Another week has brought us another weird and wonderful episode of WandaVision, with “Now In Colour” pulling off the impressive balancing act of continuing the weekly sitcom influence, tying itself into the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe mythology and taking a darker turn and deepening the mystery all at once.

The first half of the outing delivered what fans had come to expect based on the first two installments, adhering to the standard format of studio laugh track and performances in keeping with the era depicted, but there was something sinister continually bubbling under the surface, especially when Vision got conversing with his neighbors.

After Wanda had completed her nine-month pregnancy overnight, the facade cracked when Scarlet Witch reminisced about her twin brother, only for Teyonah Parris’ Geraldine to name-drop Ultron. After being swiftly booted out of Westview, we saw S.W.O.R.D. forces rushing to undercover agent Monica Rambeau’s aid in a scene packed with emotion and intensity.

Kevin Smith was quick to react, naming it as one of the best moments the MCU has ever delivered, and demanded that Olsen be handed her Emmy already, as you can see below.

WandaVision is slowly peeling back the layers to reveal what’s truly going on, and Geraldine’s reference to the real world clearly didn’t go down well, making it even more obvious that Wanda is burying herself in elaborately constructed realities to shield herself from the trauma she’s been through. Every time someone edges closer to the truth, she almost instantly sweeps it under the rug, and Marvel have created something completely fascinating with the show, with viewers left waiting on tenterhooks to discover where things go from here.