Kingpin Will Reportedly Be The Big Bad In [SPOILERS]


That pesky scamp Vincent D’Onofrio can’t help himself from leaning into the continued speculation that he’ll be back as Wilson Fisk in a future Marvel Cinematic Universe project. He’s more than open to the idea and believes the role of Kingpin still belongs to him, and he was very recently caught liking and then unliking a tweet that pegged him for a return in the fifth episode of upcoming Disney Plus series Hawkeye.

Charlie Cox has been heavily linked with making his way back to official MCU canon in Spider-Man: No Way Home and then She-Hulk, and wherever Daredevil goes, his arch-nemesis doesn’t tend to be too far behind. We’re now hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Captain America 4 with Anthony Mackie was in the works long before it was confirmed – that Kingpin could be positioned as the big bad of streaming series Echo.

On paper, all the ingredients are there for it to make a lot of sense. In the comic books, Echo becomes the adopted daughter of Kingpin after he kills her father, before he sends her away and she discovers her superpowers. Alacqua Cox will debut as Maya Lopez in Hawkeye, with Zach McClarnon cast as her old man William Lopez, which just happens to be the show D’Onofrio has found associated with on more than one occasion already.

Daredevil and Echo also strike up a romantic relationship in Marvel canon, so it wouldn’t be difficult to shuffle a few pieces around the board. Speaking entirely speculatively, we could see D’Onofrio’s Kingpin debut in Hawkeye and have him responsible for killing Echo’s father, which set up her quest for revenge in her own solo series, and provides the ideal connective tissue to place Cox’s Daredevil in the middle, giving them a shared adversary and basis to forge a more personal connection.