Kingpin’s stylish new ‘Hawkeye’ look was Vincent D’Onofrio’s idea

kingpin hawkeye
Marvel / Disney Plus

Fans were thrilled to see Vincent D’Onofrio make his long-awaited return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Hawkeye, and having been tantalized with a single grainy cellphone image in the penultimate installment, hopes were high that Wilson Fisk would stamp his authority on the finale from the outset.

Which is exactly what he did, displaying all of the foreboding menace that made his performance in Daredevil one of the all-time great Marvel villains we’ve ever seen, and even managing to do so with a nifty new wardrobe. Audiences were going wild for Kingpin rocking a wonderfully stylish ensemble, one that was immediately recognizable to comic book readers.

D’Onofrio lifted the look right from the cover page and storyline of Spider-Man: Family Business, where Kingpin sports his tropical duds for a battle against the friendly neighborhood web-slinger. In an interview with ComicBook, he revealed that it was his idea.

“The screensaver on my computer is that Family Business cover of him in that shirt. It has been for several years. And yeah, that is something that I brought to the table for Hawkeye.”

The fact that not only is it the screensaver on the actor’s computer, but his call to broach the concept with Marvel Studios, just goes to show how invested he is in the character.

He may have been shot by Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez, but we’re feeling pretty safe in saying that he’s not dead. In fact, we’d put money on Kingpin showing up to wreak more havoc in Hawkeye spinoff Echo, which is reported to be getting in front of cameras in April 2022.