Latest Horror News: Netflix unsurprisingly cuts ties with ‘The Midnight Club’ as Mike Flanagan makes a jaw-dropping departure

Mike Flanagan in front of the Murder/Redrum sign from Doctor Sleep
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Happy Friday, folks! The weekend is finally here, the Christmas decorations are finally unpacked, and the New Year is slowly creeping in. But, before 2023 is completely upon us, it certainly appears that the massive horror genre has been turned on its head. All of the juicy gossip will be explored in today’s daily horror roundup here at We Got This Covered. And trust us, you’re going to want to pay close attention to this one. Over the last 24 hours or so, Mike Flanagan’s sudden departure from Netflix has resulted in the cancellation of The Midnight Club — one of the most anticipated and favored horror series of the year.

So, before you get too giddy about a possible second season, hold your breath as we dive into the latest updates running down the spooky streamline.

In a shocking turn of events, Neflanagan is no longer a thing

mike flanagan
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The latest jaw-dropping news taking the horror world by storm has been the speculation surrounding the announcement of horror auteur Mike Flanagan jumping ship from Netflix to rival service Amazon Prime Video. During his time with Netflix, Flanagan created several headline-making genre series — such as The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, and most recently, The Midnight Club. However, Flanagan’s partnership wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine, with the director confirming on his Tumblr that he and the streaming giant clashed on many creative issues. So, while it’s a heartbreaking loss for Netflix, Prime Video has certainly scored a winner.

Netflix counters by unsurprisingly canceling The Midnight Club

'The Midnight Club' has already broken a record
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To signify the complete deterioration of the collaboration between Flanagan and Netflix, the streaming giant has taken a step forward by immediately canceling The Midnight Club, which debuted on the platform in just the first week of October. And while Netflix has an obvious track record of canceling television series at the peak of their popularity, this move feels a lot pettier in comparison to past cancellations. With that said, the common theory is that Netflix canceled the hit horror series due to Flanagan striking a deal with Prime Video — which has undoubtedly created a stronger rift between the two streaming platforms.  It will be interesting to see what horror projects Flanagan now conjures up for Prime Video.

In the end, Flanagan responds to unanswered questions in The Midnight Club

Horror Fans Aren't Enamoured with 'The Midnight Club'
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Can you say drama? Well… it appears the issues between Flanagan and Netflix are just heating up. In response to the service canceling the horror director’s newest series, Flanagan took to his official Twitter account to express his disappointment with the cancellation. Nevertheless, Flanagan, being loyal as ever to his fans, decided to answer several unsolved mysteries regarding theories and plot points in the show. As expected, fans were completely grateful for the answers, but many agreed that Netflix’s decision was a complete misfire for future collaborations. It’s too bad, because Netflix and Flanagan certainly made magic together. But, now we’ll have the opportunity to continue to watch Flanagan thrive on Prime Video.

See you back here on Monday, Flanagan fanatics, for a brand new horror roundup.