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Latest Sci-Fi News: The TARDIS travels to Disneyland as electrifying first look at ‘Avengers: Endgame’ duo’s new Netflix movie arrives

'Doctor Who' and 'Star Wars' are finally crossing over... Kinda.

Doctor Who TARDIS
Image via BBC

The good times keep on rollin’ for Doctor Who fans. Following the mind-blowing Thirteenth Doctor finale “The Power of the Doctor” airing at the weekend, and revealing that David Tennant is our new Time Lord — at least for a handful of specials — the BBC has unveiled a game-changing partnership that should open out the show to a bigger audience than ever before. Plus, the series has got itself a spiffy new logo. Although the internet has only got one thing to say about it.

The Doctor is coming to Disney Plus!

David Tennant as the Doctor in 'Doctor Who'
Image via BBC

Yes, Doctor Who is officially headed to Disney Plus. As was rumored earlier this year, the BBC and the House of Mouse have come together in an unprecedented union to make the platform the show’s official streaming home outside of the U.K. This means that fans can now find the Time Lord’s adventures in the same place as the Marvel universe and the Star Wars saga. Is that a geek fantasy come true or a nightmarish sign of Disney’s disquieting monopoly on pop culture? You decide.

Doctor Who becomes Dogtor Who after unlikely Paw Patrol comparisons

Doctor Who logo
Image via BBC

Along with the Disney announcement, the Beeb has unveiled a gorgeous new diamond-shaped logo for the show that harks back to Tom Baker’s seminal tenure in the 1970s. At least, that’s how it was intended. While hardcore fans are appreciating the old-school vibes, all the rest of the internet can see is the Paw Patrol logo, with everyone making the same joke on social media. Although, given that the Who logo debuted in 1974, Paw Patrol is the one that’s the copy. Do your research, people.

Ncuti Gatwa proves he’s a secret Whovian with his obscure choice of ideal villain

Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor in 'Doctor Who'
Image via BBC

Of course, Tennant won’t be in the driving seat for long, as Ncuti Gatwa will have taken over as our full-time new Doctor by the end of next year. And it seems the Sex Education alum is something of a secret fan, as indicated by his surprisingly obscure choice of ideal villain that he wants to face during his tenure. Interestingly, it’s a super-powerful foe who only appeared in one of Tennant’s episodes, so it’s just possible there’s more to Gatwa’s pick than meets the eye and he’s giving us a hint at what’s to come.

Millie Bobby Brown partners with the Russos in first look at new Netflix sci-fi thriller

Image via Netflix

Moving away from the Whoniverse for a moment, our first look at the Russo Brothers’ next Netflix production has arrived, in the form of some set photos that showcase the movie’s lead — another of the platform’s mainstays, Millie Bobby Brown. The Avengers: Endgame duo and the Stranger Things star are working on The Electric State, in which a runaway teen and her robot sidekick travel across the country in an alternate 1997. Expect it on Netflix sometime next year.

Wind your back here tomorrow, TARDIS trackers, for more sci-fi news.

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