Latest Titans Episode Trolls Fans Over Batman Cameo


When a TV series such as Titans features Dick Grayson in his Robin persona in the lead role – not to mention guest appearances made by his successor, Jason Todd – it’s virtually impossible to get around the subject of Batman. But when the Dark Knight is tied up in movies and in the process of going through the motions of his own respective origin over on Gotham, well, there’s bound to be some red tape preventing a proper cameo.

Still, we’ve already received a few hints at the Caped Crusader. Don’t forget, an earlier episode did indeed flashback to Dick’s younger days where we saw Bruce Wayne in profile, basically as a blurred figure. It was weird, yes, but the producers did a decent job of making do.

Funny enough, this week’s adventure, “Together,” did drop the Batman bomb in a certain respect shortly after Robin and his new friends kicked the asses of the Nuclear Family. In short, Beast Boy asked Dick if he knew Batman and if they’d get to meet him, a prospect that was swiftly shot down by Grayson.

“So uh, Batman… You know him?… Are we going to see him? I’d really like to meet Batman.”

To which Dick replies: “No, you’re not.”

That being said, it’s entirely possible we’ll see the Caped Crusader in some fashion before season 1 wraps. If you’ll recall, a leaked photo showing this show’s version of the Batsuit did make its rounds not long ago, though it was devoid of any detail. More than likely, we’ll glimpse the Masked Manhunter in silhouette or something like that.

Either way, seeing how Dick and Jason interact next week should prove to be highly entertaining, even if Batman doesn’t show up. Both men have rabid fanbases to call their own, so one could say this is a dream come true.

Titans airs on Fridays on DC Universe.