LeVar Burton Reportedly Returning For Star Trek: Picard Cameo

Star Trek: The Next Generation La Forge

Star Trek: Picard brought back many familiar faces across its first season, melting fans’ hearts in the process. But, with the production team keen to prevent the show from being swallowed up by nostalgia, they limited the number of returning classic characters to a small handful. That said, all the signs are pointing to the future bringing back even more of the original cast of The Next Generation alongside Sir Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc.

We Got This Covered has heard from our sources – the same ones who’ve previously told us that Anson Mount’s Captain Pike is getting a spinoff, which has since been corroborated by another outlet – that CBS is trying to bring together all of the remaining TNG cast members and one that we’ve been told is definitely due for a comeback is LeVar Burton. Our intel points to the actor reprising Geordi La Forge for at least a cameo, though we’re unable to say yet whether it’ll happen in season 2 or 3.

Of course, uber Star Trek fans will likely have been theorizing that Burton was on his way to Picard for a while. After all, the actor seemed suspiciously confident that there would be a place for himself and the rest of his co-stars on the series in time when attending Picard‘s premiere earlier this year. He also visited the set during filming on Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis’ big comeback episode. Burton and the cast are all still very close, too, as evidenced by Sirtis’ recent quarantine birthday party.

We also already know what La Forge is up to by the time of Picard (roughly), thanks to the show’s prequel comic. This revealed that he was in charge of construction on the Romulan refugee fleet on Mars. It’s unknown exactly what happened to him after Starfleet pulled out of the effort, but a brief reference to the character in season 1 confirmed that he didn’t die in the terrorist attack on the site.

While we wait for more news on season 2, be sure to watch all of Star Trek: Picard season 1 on CBS All Access for free, if you make use of the recent promotion.