Loki Director Teases What’s Next For Loki And Sylvie’s Romance


For the most part, the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe fanbase was completely on board with everything Disney Plus series Loki threw at them, with one notable exception. We are of course talking about the burgeoning romance between Tom Hiddleston’s trickster and Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie, which has left audiences feeling a little queasy more than once.

It does kind of make sense that they’d fall for each other, though. Over the course of the last decade it’s been well-documented that Loki only has his own best interests at heart, constantly betraying those closest to him in an effort to get what he wants, so it’s logical that the only person capable of finding a way directly into his heart would be another version of himself.

Then again, after kicking him back into the wrong reality and then stabbing He Who Remains through the chest, plunging the multiverse into chaos as a result, Sylvie may not reciprocate those feelings having decided to ignore the very ominous warnings from Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror and acted out of her own selfish desires.

It sets the duo up for an interesting reunion in Season 2, and in a new interview Loki director Kate Herron teased the wildly different paths we’ll be finding the enemies-turned-friends-turned-love interests the next time we see them.

“I feel like that kiss is a goodbye from Sylvie. And it’s painful. She is grabbing the TemPad, but I don’t think it’s not an earnest kiss from her. I think that it’s like, ‘Goodbye, but I have to do the mission’. And I think, for me, I always think of where she is emotionally at. It’s almost where Loki was in Thor. She’s driven by pain and revenge and anger, and our Loki has moved beyond that, now. He’s on a very different path, and he’s obviously done a lot of self-reflection and self-healing, his therapy with Mobius. I think that was really important for me as well with Loki in the time theater. When he lands in there, it’s like everyone feels like after a breakup or something when your heart is shattered.

But I think what was so important to me was that our Loki has been on such a journey, and he’s so much stronger now than when he started, and that’s why I wanted to film that shot that way, that we stay with him, but you see him sort of collect himself, and that Lokis always survive, and that he’s like, ‘Okay, that was terrible, but I’m very strong and I’m going to get through this’. I think that was really important to show. But how they meet again, what will come of them, that would be a question for the writers to go on. But yeah, I feel like Sylvie has a big journey to go on, similar to our Loki, in terms of where she’s at, at least at the moment.”

There’s no shortage of dramatic or romantic intention to mine next season, that’s for sure, even if Herron has confirmed she won’t be returning behind the camera to see it happen. Whether or not they end up together is an entirely different question, especially when a great deal of multiversal shenanigans are set to unfold across Phase Four before the Season 2 premiere of Loki eventually airs.