Loki Will Reportedly Introduce Kang The Conqueror To The MCU

Loki MCU

There isn’t a great deal we currently know for sure about Loki, with concrete information being released piecemeal. Now, though, a new rumor doing the rounds is suggesting that the series will introduce Kang the Conqueror into the MCU – which We Got This Covered told you was happening a few weeks ago.

This time, the declaration was made by industry insider Daniel Richtman, and for those unfamiliar, know that the character is a time traveler obsessed by history and the amassing of power, with the scope of his temporal excursions stretching back to the distant past and into the far future. He’s amassed multiple enemies along the way, including the Time Variance Authority, an organization dedicated to maintaining the integrity of various timelines throughout the multiverse.

It’s been established that the solo outing of the God of Mischief will include these temporal guardians, alerted to this Loki’s presence when he absconded with the Tesseract and created a new timeline in the process. As Kang’s exploits are one of the few areas where the TVA’s authority fails to remain absolute, it’s entirely possible they intend to recruit the renegade Asgardian as a temporary agent in their battle against him.

The introduction of Kang will also have wider implications for the MCU at large. The villain has battled the Avengers in comics on numerous occasions, and may well end up becoming a new big bad, his intellect and resources making him a different foe from Thanos but equally dangerous. His introduction will also have interesting repercussions if the purported appearance of the Young Avengers comes to pass, as Iron Lad originally formed the team to prevent his destiny of becoming the time-traveling megalomaniac.

All that being said, it will likely be some time before Kang is actually cast or presented as a threat to be registered. Thanos was introduced in the stinger of The Avengers back in 2012, and it took another six years for him to truly make an effort in gathering the Infinity Stones and become more than a nebulous treat.

If Loki does end up introducing Kang though, it likely means that Avengers: Endgame wasn’t a one-off and that the MCU is about to head into even more time travel territory, fully exploring the rewritten pasts and alternative futures that come with it.