Loki Reportedly Suffers Big Viewership Drop Between Episodes 1 And 3


None of the major streaming services are keen to divulge official viewing numbers, but based on the data we do have, Loki is said to have scored the biggest premiere of the three Marvel Cinematic Universe exclusives to debut on Disney Plus so far. Of course, given that the Mouse House’s platform continues to experience a constant uptick in subscribers, each of the next few live-action shows could accomplish the same feat.

Those figures came from Samba TV, and admittedly only include televisions that have the company’s third party software enabled, while the sample size covers just a fraction of the overall Disney Plus customer base. However, it’s still a helpful tool when it comes to determining trends and audience habits, and it looks as though Loki may have taken a sizeable tumble in the two weeks between the first and third episodes.

890,000 Samba-equipped TVs watched the premiere, which put it well ahead of WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Solider, but the latest data saw the numbers drop to 727,000. That’s a decline of 18%, which is hardly disastrous when plenty of network shows see their ratings cut almost in half in the weeks following launch, and there aren’t many episodic projects in history that failed to experience at least a small slump across an entire season.

Loki is also reported to have seen a steep decline on Google Trends, with the blame naturally being pinned on the reveal that Tom Hiddleston’s trickster is canonically bisexual, with one YouTuber describing the creative team as “selfish, self-absorbed, narcissistic activists, who can’t see past skin, who can’t see past sexuality, who must force their politics into the show”, so they clearly aren’t familiar with the entirety of Norse mythology.