Loki Star Reveals Which MCU Favorite She Wants To Team Up With

Image via Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always had a reputation for being spot on when it comes to casting both the biggest and smallest roles in the franchise, with the notable exceptions of Terrence Howard and Edward Norton, of course. Sophia Di Martino may not have been a household name up until recently, but the actress has already become a firm fan favorite, and they’ll be hoping next week’s Loki finale doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Sylvie.

Di Martino has spent the majority of her career working in television, cropping up in a number of shows dating back over fifteen years, but it would be fair to call her scene-stealing turn in Loki her genuine breakout role. The time traveling mystery has been heavily rumored as the first Disney Plus exclusive from Marvel Studios to be getting a second season, but there’s no reason why Sylvie can’t make the jump to the big screen as well.

In a new interview, Di Martino revealed which of the shared mythology’s big names she’d love to have the opportunity to share the screen with, and it’s something that audiences would definitely love to see happen.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for the Hulk, and Mark Ruffalo’s great. So maybe that would be fun.”

The only downside is that it’s hard to imagine what dots would need to be connected to have Sylvie meet Bruce Banner, with Mark Ruffalo’s next appearance coming in fellow small screen series She-Hulk. We won’t have a true idea of what comes next for either Di Martino or Tom Hiddleston until Loki wraps up next week.

That being said, Kevin Feige always listens to the fanbase, so we should be at least able to sleep safely in the knowledge that Sylvie isn’t done with the MCU by any stretch of the imagination when Loki ends.