New Loki Theory Says Mobius Is Lying About The Time-Keepers


We’re only two episodes into Loki, but the trickster’s Disney Plus series is well on the way to generating just as many fan theories as WandaVision, roughly 99.9% of which turned out to be miles wide of the mark, and the premiere even threw in what had to be a deliberate Mephisto in-joke to hammer those comparisons home even harder.

The plot in its simplest form revolves around Tom Hiddleston’s title hero forging a tenuous alliance with the Time Variance Authority to track down a rogue variant of himself, and Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius has dangled the carrot of an audience with the mysterious Time-Keepers over the God of Mischief’s head.

We’ve already heard theories that they may not even exist, with Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s Ravonna Renslayer potentially in it for herself, which may or may not be tied to Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania villain Kang the Conqueror, but a new bout of speculation puts forward the idea that Mobius has been lying from the beginning.

In episode 2, the diligent TVA employee outlines that once there are no more Nexus events, order will finally be established and the Time-Keepers’ work will be done. While there’s every chance he could believe that, there already appears to be something much more complicated and potentially even dangerous afoot. After all, Mobius can’t possibly know what the endgame is for the Time-Keepers when it’s been established that he’s never met them, so he’s either deliberately misleading Loki to get the Asgardian on his side, or he’s the one being lied to and it’s trickled downward.

Realistically, we could see Loki and Mobius utilize their buddy cop dynamic to bring down the TVA from the inside should any nefarious intentions be revealed, but it’ll be Wednesday at the earliest before any new light is shed on the matter.