D.B. Woodside Confirms His Return For Lucifer Season 6


Another Lucifer star has confirmed they’ll be coming back for the sixth and final season of the supernatural DC series. Netflix recently announced that they’ve granted the one-time FOX show another run following its upcoming fifth season, but this time really will be it for the Devil and company.

With season 5 initially expected to be the last, the cast has had to renegotiate their contracts to sign up for another year. Star Tom Ellis was locked in a dispute with the studio over his new terms for a while there, but a deal was ultimately able to be worked out. And now, the latest of his co-stars to sign along the dotted line is D.B. Woodside, who plays Lucifer Morningstar’s brother, the angel Amenadiel.

“Happy to announce that I will be returning to Lucifer for season 6,” Woodside shared on Twitter, as well as revealing some extra cool news. “Additionally, I will be directing an episode for our final season. This is a beautiful cast. We stand by each other. We fight for one another. So… let’s get to work. #AngelTrainingBegins.”

Ellis soon retweeted Woodside’s announcement, offering his excitement to get to work with him and the rest of the Lucifer cast again. “Yes Brother…!” said the British star. “Utterly delighted and excited to get back alongside you both in front of and behind the camera.”

Amenadiel has always tried to get Lucifer to return to his proper place in Hell and the last time we saw him, the Devil finally relented and reluctantly returned to the underworld to resume being its king, in order to stop demons from escaping to Earth and targeting his loved ones. But no doubt this shake up of the status quo won’t last for long. Amenadiel may even help him out of his obligation and allow him to come back to Los Angeles.

Lucifer season 5A releases on Netflix on August 21st. Production on season 5B, meanwhile, is due to kick off again this October.