Lucifer Season 5 Is Dominating Netflix This Weekend


Netflix has no shortage of excellent new content, including some recently-added shows that have been big hits among subscribers. Late last month saw the addition of the second season of the superhero-focused The Umbrella Academy, one of the service’s most beloved original programs, which has remained very popular even weeks later.

Meanwhile, the third and final season of The Rain also landed in the middle of August to offer closure to fans who have lovingly followed the Danish sci-fi story, and newcomer Biohackers has made a name for itself by asking some very uncomfortable questions about scientific integrity.

But for many Netflix subscribers, one of the most exciting additions of this month so far has been Part 1 of the fifth season of Lucifer. In fact, as of right now, it’s the #1 most-watched piece of content on the service, and considering the popularity of the show as a whole, it’s likely to remain that way for at least a few more days.

This beloved drama about Satan living in Los Angeles as a nightclub owner was a huge hit for FOX, but when the network cancelled it after season 3, Netflix picked it up to ensure that fans got to continue enjoying its devilish story. It’s expected to wrap up with a sixth season that will likely air at some point in 2021.

Of course, if Lucifer isn’t your cup of tea, that’s alright. Netflix has added a substantial amount of new content throughout August, and you can check it all out by heading over here. You can even take a look here to see everything coming to the service in September. So far, at least, it’s shaping up to be a pretty great month for new content.