Everything We Know About Lucifer Season 6 So Far


We’re now just days away from Lucifer season 5A arriving on Netflix, the first batch of episodes of what’s the DC supernatural series’ penultimate season. Now feels like a good time to hop ahead into the future, then, and take a look at what we already know about Lucifer season 6, which was only just officially announced back in June.

We first heard that season 5 might not be the last one in February, but then doubt was cast on a sixth season in April due to a contractual dispute with star Tom Ellis. Eventually this was worked out, though, and things were able to move forward. Since then, all the major players have signed up to return alongside Ellis, including D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel, Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze, Rachel Harris as Linda Martin and, yes, Lauren German as Chloe Dekker.

With the cast locked in, the next thing that needs to be sorted out is when production can start. There’s so much uncertainty in the TV industry at the moment, but season 5B is due to finish up its outstanding episodes this October. It’s been reported that season 6 – at least the first half – could shoot back to back with 5B, so it may get going in very early 2021. With 5B yet to get a release date, however, it’s unclear whether 6 would arrive on Netflix next year or be held off until 2022.

As for the actual content, well, co-showrunner Joe Henderson has revealed that he and fellow EP Ildy Modrovich have already got the final season mapped out, including the series finale. Henderson has promised that fans will be happy with it, too, as it will be a proper ending – it won’t conclude with a cliffhanger, apparently – that’ll act as “a love letter to the show.”

While we wait for more info on season 6, we’ve got all eight episodes of Lucifer season 5A to enjoy when it hits Netflix this Friday, August 21st.