Mandalorian Fans Are Loving Baby Yoda’s Antics In The Latest Episode


Baby Yoda being accused of genocide feels like it happened a lifetime ago, and fans of The Mandalorian were quick to forgive the little guy after his decision to snack on the Frog Lady’s unfertilized eggs generated the sort of unexpected backlash that only 2020 could deliver. All The Child had to do was revert to his adorable ways and his sins were swiftly atoned for, and now everyone is firmly back on his side.

This week’s episode “The Siege” offered up a number of surprising developments that both advanced the plot of season 2 and tied The Mandalorian even closer to the wider Star Wars mythology, even if a lot of people got a shiver down their spines when the dreaded midi-chlorians were teased. Despite the narrative heavy lifting, worldbuilding and huge amount of action in the latest installment, though, The Mandalorian was still big on Baby Yoda.

He only featured in a handful of scenes, but managed to attend his first day at school, use his powers to acquire himself a snack, puke during a bumpy ride on the Razor Crest and definitively prove that he won’t be an electrician when he grows up. It seems fans couldn’t get enough of The Child’s antics, and you can check out just some of the reactions below.

Having faced stiff competition from the Frog Lady as season 2’s most beloved figure, Baby Yoda has once again raced into a commanding lead after stealing every scene of “The Siege” that he appeared in. And with next week’s episode tantalizingly being called “The Jedi,” we should be getting a great deal more information on his backstory when longtime Yoda associate Ahsoka Tano makes her hotly-anticipated live-action debut.