Mark Hamill Holds Grogu In Adorable Mandalorian Set Photo

Baby Yoda

The Mandalorian Season 2 finale delivered one of the best TV moments of 2020 when Luke Skywalker turned up to take Grogu with him and train him up in the ways of the Force. Star Wars fans are still talking about the shocking cliffhanger and surprise cameo all these months later, with Disney Plus just releasing a special episode of behind-the-scenes show Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian. which focused on the finale.

With that hitting streaming this past week, director Peyton Reed shared a new set photo from filming on Twitter, revealing an adorable shot of Mark Hamill holding Baby Yoda. The Ant-Man filmmaker took the opportunity to thank the franchise legend in his caption. “Thanks again, ⁦@HamillHimself⁩,” he wrote, “for an unforgettable experience.” Hamill then responded with his own message of gratitude: “Thanks again, @MrPeytonReed, for an experience I’ll treasure forever.”

Hamill reprised his role as the Jedi Master in The Mandalorian, with the series’ VFX team recreating his younger self via a combination of his likeness, body doubles and de-aging tech. It made for a cameo that gave hardcore fans chills. But what we really want to know is whether this is just the start of Luke’s presence on the hit show or if this was a one and done appearance.

On the one hand, de-aging Hamill for a load more screentime in season 3 would get pretty expensive and time-consuming, which suggests it’s unlikely. On the other, though, he did leave with Grogu and we surely haven’t seen the last of The Child. Season 3 will have to at least see Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) travel to Luke’s Jedi Academy, then, even if Master Skywalker himself doesn’t appear.

Hamill’s exchange with Reed seems to indicate his Mandalorian experience is over, but you can never say for sure with Star Wars. At this point, we don’t even know when season 3 is getting here. But we can say that The Book of Boba Fett is set to premiere on Disney Plus this December.