Here’s How Mark Hamill Could Look As Vesemir In The Witcher Season 2


Netflix’s The Witcher has proven to be a bit polarizing. Those going into it looking for an action-packed, monster-slaying adventure might find something quite different, with the show presenting a fairly complex story split across three different timelines. Figuring it all out can certainly be a bit tricky if you’re not paying attention, but those who’ve put the time into following along carefully really appreciate the series’ ambition and scope and are now eagerly anticipating more.

Thankfully for them, we know that more is indeed on the way and as fans look ahead to future seasons, attention is beginning to turn towards which characters from the original novels are still yet to be introduced. Of course, one that springs to mind almost immediately as someone who really needs to show up sooner rather than later is Vesemir, “the oldest and most experienced witcher at Kaer Morhen in the 13th century, who acted as a father figure to Geralt.” And the fans even have the perfect actor in mind to play him.

Yes, as you may’ve heard, there’s quite a strong call out there for Star Wars legend Mark Hamill to take the role, with the beloved talent even saying that he’s down to join the series. And with that aforementioned call only growing stronger by the day, digital artist BossLogic has now given us a glimpse of how Hamill could appear in the role.

See for yourself below:

Of course, just because Hamill’s expressed his interest in playing Vesemir that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, but you have to admit that BossLogic’s latest piece makes a pretty good case for why the actor should be cast in the role. And at this point, we imagine that Netflix is at least considering it.

In any case, Hamill or no Hamill, The Witcher will indeed return for season 2, with the streaming giant already having renewed it. And with showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich also saying that she has plans for the series to be on our screens for many more years to come, it’s looking likely that Henry Cavill’s time playing Geralt won’t be coming to an end anytime in the near future. Which is perfectly fine with us.

Source: Twitter