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Mark Hamill Says He’s Down To Join The Witcher For Season 2

Despite not even having any idea what it is, Mark Hamill has said that he's down to join season 2 of The Witcher. Netflix, are you listening?

The Witcher

The Witcher is now on Netflix and proving to be a pretty big hit for them. In fact, the streaming giant has already ordered up a second season, while the show’s executive producer, Lauren S. Hissrich, is hard at work plotting out a story that’ll take many, many years to unfold.

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Bringing us a decidedly mature take on the lore, there’s obviously a ton of material to draw inspiration from as the show continues to play out. And though season 1 already introduced us to a ton of great characters, there are still many, many more just waiting to make their debut and one of them’s Vesemir, “an aged and experienced Witcher” who’s a father figure of sorts for Henry Cavill’s Geralt.

There’s no word yet on if we’ll indeed see Vesemir in season 2, but if we do, it seems Mark Hamill’s interested in playing the role. Taking to Twitter, the Star Wars legend admitted to not being familiar with The Witcher, but said he’d be down to join the show regardless in the aforementioned part.

Of course, just because Hamill’s interested that doesn’t mean this will for sure happen, but you have to imagine that Netflix will at least explore the idea. After all, the actor’s beloved by all and instantly elevates anything he appears in. Not to mention that he is indeed perfect for Vesemir.

But will Netflix bring him on board? We’ll have to wait and see. For now, though, you can enjoy the first season of The Witcher as it’s currently streaming worldwide. And yes, it even includes several scenes of Henry Cavill in a bathtub, much to the delight of fans of CD Projekt RED’s video games.