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Marvel Casts Oscar Isaac As The MCU’s Moon Knight

At long last, Marvel have found their Moon Knight, and it's not at all who folks were expecting to see in the role.

Moon Knight

Disney Plus is allowing Marvel to introduce many characters that fans have wanted to see in the MCU for years at long last. Over the next little while, we’ve got Kate Bishop’s HawkeyeShe-Hulk and Ms. Marvel on their way to the platform, among others. Another one, though, is Moon Knight.

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Yes, Marc Spector’s arrival in the MCU was (sort of) teased way back in 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but now he’s on the verge of making his debut and Deadline brings word today that the studio has found an actor to play him. And that person is none other than Star Wars and Dune star Oscar Isaac.

The outlet reports that he’s now in negotiations for the role of Marc Spector aka Moon Knight and the hunt is currently on for a director to helm the series. No further casting additions have been announced just yet, but with Isaac on board, you can bet that some top tier talent will start hovering around the project.

Moon Knight

As far as the plot goes, we don’t know a whole lot at the moment, but leaked details have pointed to Moon Knight taking inspiration from acclaimed TV shows like Westworld and Mr. Robot in that it’ll be a deep dive into Spector’s fractured psyche, with the narrative being split between several different timelines.

Clearly, then, this will be a challenging role for any actor to tackle, but Isaac has certainly proven that he has the chops for it. Aside from big budget fare like the aforementioned Star Wars and Dune, he’s shown his talent in many different smaller, more character-focused projects and while he might be an unexpected choice for Moon Knight, he’s certainly a welcome one.