Marvel fans have one big problem with the ‘Moon Knight’ trailer

moon knight

The first trailer for Marvel’s next must-see TV series, Moon Knight, has landed, and fans are loving it. Having said that, comics readers have one major bone to pick with it as it suggests that a key character, or at least an element of the character, could be erased in the MCU adaptation of the titular hero. To put it plainly, where the heck is Jake Lockley?

As made clear in the trailer, Moon Knight stars Oscar Isaac as nervy gift-shop employee Steven Grant who’s experiencing blackouts and memories of another life. Fans will know that he actually suffers from dissociative identity disorder and his original personality is former U.S. Marine Marc Spector. This is a bit of a change from the comics in which Steven is a billionaire businessman. What’s more, no mention is made of Jack Lockley, a New York cabbie who is Marc’s third personality.

Along with the trailer, an official synopsis was also released that likewise features no reference to Jake. This is leading Moon Knight diehards to cry foul on social media and lament the potential erasure of a third of Marc’s character.

With the change in Steven’s occupation to something more working-class, it seems possible that Steven and Jake have been fused into one personality for the MCU.

On the other hand, maybe he’s being saved for season two.

Others aren’t so convinced we don’t actually get a glimpse of Jake in the trailer. Could this shot of Isaac behind the wheel be our first look at Jake?

A reminder that if Jake does show up, he might end up having an even crazier accent than Steven’s British voice.

Harsh but fair.

With its brief look at Egyptian moon god Khonshu, who gave Marc his powers, Moon Knight promises to be very faithful to the source material, so it would be a surprise if Jake doesn’t feature in any capacity. Then again, Marvel Studios always likes to keep things fresh. We’ll find out the truth when Moon Knight hits Disney Plus on March 30.

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