Marvel teases Captain Carter solo comic series for 2022

It looks like one of the breakout stars of Marvel’s What If…? is about to headline her own solo comic book series. Though Peggy Carter isn’t the most storied character in the comics, the MCU has turned Steve Rogers’ first love into a globally beloved heroine.

And in the aforementioned animated anthology series, she became a superhero herself. What If…? episode one introduced Captain Carter, a variant of Peggy who took the super-soldier serum herself.

Captain Carter later returned for the season one finale, with its post-credits scene teasing a further appearance to come in season two. Now it seems like her adventures will continue in her very own comic. Marvel Entertainment has teased that Peggy’s finally getting a solo title, starting March 2022. No specific details are available yet, as all we know comes from this cryptic tweet.

“Reporting for duty — March 2022,” the tweet reads, while a short promo video showcases Captain Carter’s distinctive vibranium shield, which sports the union jack in its center (or centre).

There’s no telling who the creative team attached to the project is, whether this is a limited or ongoing run, or even if it’s a part of MCU or Marvel Comics continuity, but this teaser of an announcement is enough to get us excited for now. Super-soldier Peggy originated in the 2016 mobile game Marvel Puzzle Quest before crossing over into the Exiles comics. The What If…? version is widely more popular, though, so it stands to reason she’ll be the lead of this series.

As for the comics’ launch date, could that be of importance? In March 2022, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was originally supposed to release before recent delays pushed it into May. A persistent rumor is that Doctor Strange 2 will tie into What If…?, so could Captain Carter have a cameo in it? Will her comics series act as a prequel to the movie?

We’ll bring you more on this new comic when Marvel reveals all.