New Walking Dead Theory May Reveal Who The Man In The Iron Mask Is

The Walking Dead

Due to delays in post-production, season 10 of The Walking Dead wrapped up early, leaving its finale postponed until some point later this year. The final moments of episode 15 left a lot up in the air and multiple characters in immense danger as Beta (Ryan Hurst) marched his hoard of walkers towards the very place Alexandria had moved all of their people.

When the finale finally does air sometime this fall, it’s sure to be a bloody affair that is likely to result in the loss of some of our favorite characters – some more likely than others, unfortunately. But it may also serve as an introduction to some new faces that will excite fans. Though some of those faces may not be seen anytime soon, literally speaking.

The promo for the finale features a quick scene of someone with a mask and dual scythes, and they seem eager to cut down a few enemies. But who exactly could this masked fighter be? Though the show has been known to deviate from the comics in some key areas, this new arrival aligns almost perfectly with a comic character by the name of Mercer, who’s known for wielding dual axes and commanding the Commonwealth military.

While the showrunners could very well go in a different direction altogether by renaming or re-envisioning the character, Mercer’s appearance would align well with the current trajectory of the show as it nears the Commonwealth storyline from the comic series. The mysterious fighter in the promo is using weapons more akin to scythes than Mercer’s signature axes, but that’s most likely to serve as a creative change to his established design.

In any case, we’ll hopefully learn the truth later this year when the character makes their debut on The Walking Dead.