The Matrix Spinoff Show Rumored To Be In The Works For HBO Max


Based on recent developments, there are two clear ways for a streaming service to build up a library of original content in order to convince subscribers to shell out their monthly fees. There’s the Netflix method of buying up properties to develop an expansive roster of movies and TV shows that have never been seen in live-action before, or there’s the Disney Plus formula of using the established brands already at their disposal as the jumping off point.

As a WarnerMedia enterprise, it isn’t surprising that HBO Max appears to be following the latter. There are already multiple DC-related projects in the works, while just today it was revealed that Warner Bros. are taking pitches set in and around the world of Harry Potter. There’s also been speculation that the MonsterVerse could be getting the episodic treatment, while a spinoff series for The Matrix is now rumored to be in the works.

The fourth entry in the sci-fi franchise is scheduled for release in December, but it would appear that the studio show no signs on giving up on the mythology anytime soon. There isn’t much further information available, but on paper it sounds like a solid idea and the report from Giant Freakin Robot notes that the project “will be set in the same world as the movies but will focus on different characters dealing with The Matrix.” The expansive mythology created by the Wachowskis is far from limited to the adventures of Neo, of course, and as we’ve already seen in the past with The Animatrix, there are an almost infinite number of storytelling opportunities available.

HBO Max is clearly banking on marquee titles drawing in customers as the streaming wars continue to heat up, and with a built-in following and over $1.6 billion in box office takings, The Matrix is definitely a leading contender to bolster the platform’s lineup of originals.