Live-Action Harry Potter TV Series Officially In The Works For HBO Max


Warner Bros. control a number of major properties, but none have brought them quite the same level of success as their roster of DC superheroes and J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. After all, Christopher Nolan’s Inception is the only one of the studio’s 20 highest-grossing movies ever that isn’t either a comic book blockbuster, a part of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises or one of Peter Jackson’s three Hobbit prequels, which underlines just how important the first two brands have become to the company.

Naturally, HBO Max already has a massive amount of DC-related content in the works to try and expand the lineup of exclusives and drive up subscriber numbers, and there’s been a constant wave of rumors that the sprawling Wizarding World mythos could be getting similar treatment given the enduring popularity of the brand, which continues to hold a loyal and dedicated following even if Rowling’s stock has never been lower in the eyes of many fans.

The latest report claims that WB have held talks with a number of writers, and are now inviting pitches for a live-action Harry Potter TV show that would be developed for streaming. There’s no word yet on what it might focus on, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise as WGTC first told you a few years ago that a live-action series was in the works for HBO Max.

Of course, one potential stumbling block could be the rights, which are owned by Rowling but leased all over the place. Universal currently holds the broadcast and streaming options to the Wizarding World, which includes digital-only elements, and that contract doesn’t expire until 2025, so there’s a chance that HBO Max might not even be legally able to screen any in-house Harry Potter spinoffs until then.