MCU Fans Are Loving The New Variant Loki In This Week’s What If…?


2021 has been good to Loki fans. First, Tom Hiddleston’s trickster got his very own Disney Plus TV series, then there was that Simpsons short, and then he showed up in What If…? episode 3. Now, the God of Mischief is back yet again for the seventh episode of Marvel’s animated anthology show, but this time, he’s unlike we’ve ever seen him before.

Titled “What If… Thor was an Only Child?”, episode 7 explored a reality where Odin didn’t adopt Loki as his own but gave him back to Laufey and raised as the prince of the Frost Giants on Jotunheim. This also appeared to establish a newfound peace between the Asgardians and the Jotuns. The episode likewise revealed that Thor and Loki still had a close relationship as “brothers from other mothers”.

Loki lovers have always been fascinated by the idea of an alternate Jotun Loki, with the concept popular in fanfics and fan art. Now it’s been made official in What If…?, the fandom is going wild for Jotun Loki on social media and can’t get enough of how fun-loving this variant of him is.

This episode definitely suggests Odin kind of messed Loki up by adopting and keeping his true heritage from him. Just look how happy Laufey is to have his son back!

It’s about time.

Where does Loki end and Tom Hiddleston begin?


It meant a lot to Loki fans to finally meet a variant of him who doesn’t have any trauma or emotional pain… and also liked to wear eyeliner.

Hiddleston’s next scheduled appearance in the Marvel universe is Loki season 2, which could be a while away. However, rumors state he may show up much sooner than that in next year’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We also can’t rule out another cameo in either of the final two episodes of What If…? season 1, unfolding over the next couple of Wednesdays on Disney Plus.