MCU Fans Can’t Get Over The New Dynamic Duo In What If…? (SPOILERS)

In the newest episode of Marvel’s What If…? Disney Plus series, fans were raving about the many cameos and matchups in the story, in particular, a face-off between Thor and Captain Marvel.

The episode reimagines the storyline of Thor such that he never had his younger brother, Loki, to keep him in line. Instead, Thor’s father, Odin, returns Loki to his father, Laufey.

This leaves Thor years later to develop into a kind of party animal, with no younger brother to motivate him to be a good example. After Thor decides to host a massive party on earth with some of his Asgardian pals, while his father is asleep and his mother is away, the prince soon finds him the unwanted attention of S.H.I.E.L.D., who want to end his destructive activities, enlisting the help of Carol Danvers.

While Thor and Captain Marvel have had only limited screen appearances in the Marvel movies, relegated largely to bits of back and forth dialogue in Avengers: Endgame, seeing them share the screen for this more prolonged period really seemed to fire people up about the episode People really liked those two character sharing the screen, even if they were at odds with each other.

The pair’s friendly yet competitive relationship toward each other was another highlight, with one fan saying they “loved” this week’s episode for it.

Though fans may have differing opinions on this, many seemed to side with Captain Marvel for besting Thor as the galaxy’s strongest hero.

Some viewers found the episode to be bland overall, with it only being saved by the Captain Marvel vs. Thor fight.

Fans were also thrilled to see the return of favorite, Korg, played by Taika Waititi making a cameo, along with many other characters, in the latest episode of Marvel’s What If…?